In this Agreement, the words and phrases used shall have the following definitions:

“Customers” shall include those who book / reserve and avail the Picnic Island Tour from Bawbawon Beach Resort;

“Picnic in the Island” pertains to leisure/day tour activity at Bawbawon Beach Resort that raises customer awareness of a service, generating sales, and creating brand loyalty;

“Bawbawon Beach Resort“ pertains to the resort under Bawbabawon Hospitality Group of Southern Looc, Plaridel, 7209 Misamis Occidental, Philippines;

Le Bistro  pertains to the restaurant under Bawbabawon Hospitality Group of  Port Area, Southern Looc, Plaridel, 7209 Misamis Occidental, Philippines;

“Specific Rules” implies the specific rules entry instructions and other specific details or terms correlating with the specific Promotion published in this page or any other media featuring the Promotion;

Terms” implies these Promotion Terms and Conditions together with any Specific Rules;

“we”, “us” and “our” pertains to Bawbawon Beach Resort; and

“you” means a Customer.

1.2 Our Picnic Island Tour promotion will be subject to (i) these Promotion Terms and Conditions and (ii) the Specific Rules, and you will be bound by these Terms when you avail it. If these Terms and Conditions differ or conflict with any Specific Rules, then the latter will prevail.

1.3 We may add to, amend or vary these Promotion Terms and Conditions from time to time, at our own discretion.

1.4 You agree to cooperate with and abide by all reasonable requests made by us in connection with any Promotion.

2.1 To be qualified and to avail the promotion, guests must have to book in advance, pay the full payment and check the schedule availability online. The online reservation is first-come, first-served basis and accepting maximum of only 30 guests every Saturdays and Sundays.

2.2 If you are a Customer based in other cities or countries and booked for yourself, however not available during the time of booking, we will confirm with you in advance the status of your reservation. This will give the other a chance to take the spot.

2.3 Your booking will be accepted and transferrable if in case you are outside the country and your reservation is for the family.

3.1 The Picnic in the Island – Day Tour includes welcome drinks, lunch buffet of your choice, boat transfers, cabana table reservation, use of the beach and its facilities, except access to water sports activities and sale of alcoholic drinks, which will be charged separately.

4.1 Picnic in the Island tour will be offered every weekend, so available schedule will be depending on the volume of customers who booked ahead of time.

4.2 Bawbawon Beach Resort strongly supports sustainable environment and tourism initiative, we strongly ban the use plastic straws, bottles and plastic bags to the island, see our Do’s and Dont’s stipulated on the waiver.

4.3 We collect corkage fee on bringing own food in the island, this picnic / day tour comes with the food package and we encourage of bringing light items only.

4.4 There is a specific timing for boat transfers from Le Bistro to the island and vice versa, if the customer will stay longer than the prescribed schedule, they will bore the extra charges.

4.5 We encourage all guests to maintain the cleanliness of the island during their entire stay, littering is prohibited and will be subject to certain fines.

4.6 Bawbawon Beach Resort reserved the rights to keep and maintain the facilities and equipment in the island. Any damage caused by the guests will be their responsibility and charge accordingly.

5.1 Guests arriving at the Le Bistro at allotted timings will be welcome with a free aperitif.

5.2 Boat transfers and life vests will be provided from the port area to the island.

5.3 Use of day pass to the island, use of sun loungers, bean bags, facilities, water sports equipment and the complimentary drink are provided upon the arrival of the guests.

5.4 Picnic basket/bilao will be available with different dishes prepared at Le Bistro kitchen and is good for 6 guests. Walk-in guests are welcome.

5.5 The bar for drinks and crepes will be available and will be priced separately.

5.6 Snorkeling and water sports activities are optional and is required to bring their own equipment.

5.7 This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers; i.e for upcoming special occasions, local holiday promotions or any other Le Bistro promotions.

5.8 Booking and reservation assurance will solely depend on availability of slots at the time of booking.

6.1 We reserve the right (without accepting any liability or giving you any compensation) to forfeit your booking  (or seek compensation from you therefor) if (in our opinion, which shall be final):

6.1.2 You are in breach of the Terms or any of your obligations, representations and/or warranties under this Agreement;

7.1 Nothing in the Terms excludes our liability for:

7.1.1 personal injury or demise arising out of our negligence or the negligence of our employees;

7.1.2 In case of cancellation and refund of pre-payment booking, the guests are responsible to  inform Bawbawon team one week before the scheduled date

7.1.2.a Bawbawon team will provide the full refund should the guests inform the team or management seven days prior to the confirmed date of the picnic/ full day access

7.1.2.b 50% of the pre-payment will be refunded if guests cancel, providing that the guests inform Bawbawon team three days before the picnic/ full day access.

7.1.2.c No refund policy shall apply for guests who only inform Bawbawon team two days prior to cancelation.

7.1.3 Unless stipulated in the above-mentioned reasons Bawbawon Beach Resort will not be held responsible for refund or compensation of the confirmed booking/reservations.

7.1.4 Any other liability that cannot be excluded or restricted by law.

7.1.5 Bawbawon Hospitality Group excludes all liability whatsoever for any expenses, costs, losses, liabilities, damages, injury or disappointment (other than any costs and expenses particularly for the Promotion), including any loss of business, profit, revenues, contracts, or expected savings and whether special, direct, indirect or consequential suffered by you caused by the Promotion.